The "Pole In One" Fishing Pole Holder

The only fishing pole holder that goes wherever you want to fish!

Finally, fishing made easy!

No more struggling to carry your poles while carrying your gear-- Carry up to six poles in one hand like a beach chair!

No more laying your expensive poles down in the gunk found on fishing piers-- Your poles stay clean!

No more laying your poles down on a pier where they can get stepped on-- Great if you have kids along!

Here's how it works:

 Step One:  Place the Pole in One in the back of your truck using the Velcro (tm) straps provided.  Place it in whatever position fits best in your vehicle.  It's also sized to fit in the back of many SUVs or onto many rooftop gear racks.


Step Two:  When you get to your favorite fishing spot, simply undo the Velcro (tm) straps, fold up the legs and carry it like a beach chair.  You don't have to remove the poles.


Step Three:  When you reach your favorite pier, boat or beach, unfold the legs and you're ready to fish!


Step Four:  When you're done for the day, the Pole in One stores easily on a hook in the garage, or under a bed.  You're ready for your next fishing trip!


This item is coming soon!

We're planning a 2014 launch of the Pole in One for about $59.95 U.S.  If you'd like to be contacted when this is available, please email us at  We promise to protect your privacy, not sell or give your information to anyone, and not send spam.


Manufacturers:  We are also soliciting licensing proposals.  If you would like to talk about adding this product to your existing product lines, email us above and we'll respond promptly.


Thanks for visiting our site!  Happy fishing!

From the garage to the back of your vehicle...

...To your favorite fishing spot!

The Story of the Pole in One

When I fished as a child with my father, he would often spend hours having to cut and untangle the lines before we kids could fish.  Often too tired to fish by the time he was finished, he would sit by the water and watch while we fished.  Years ago he put together a crude rack from cast-off metal pieces, and the concept for the Pole in One was born.  I've transformed his concept into a lightweight, compact holder that's unlike anything else on the market.

 Chere Hooks, Designer

The Pole In One

U.S. Patent 6,678,991 B2

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